Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

April 14, 2020


To the Community and Members of the Media:

Good afternoon and we hope everyone is having an excellent start to their week. In terms of today’s update, we have the following information to share:

  • The types of improvements we have seen on the second floor, with almost all of our residents there returning to baseline as a product of the clinical interventions, are now evident in our first-floor patients. We have been able to stabilize this group and continue with their care in-house; the fact that we are not needing to transfer these patients to the hospital allows us to implement strategic, recovery-based treatment. We literally feel the tide turning in beneath us.
  • Our second-floor residents are starting to participate in therapy as ordered and appropriate. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists are able to provide evaluations and treatment as ordered by the physician, since the residents have now improved sufficiently to meaningfully participate in therapy. The residents are excited to continue with their rehabilitation, and we are equally pleased to be able to facilitate it.
  • We do want to take the opportunity to address our process for communicating with residents and families during this challenging time. Generally speaking, we have been regularly communicating with residents and families as we identify changes in a resident’s condition (improvements or otherwise) or regarding other such clinical situations; that information is reported directly from the nursing staff or the physician to the resident or his/her responsible party. We have also done our best to timely answer incoming calls and questions as they are received. While our first priority has been caring for our patients and ensuring they remain safe, we understand the importance of sharing information with those outside the walls of the Facility on a more proactive We are currently reviewing this process of communication to identify ways to improve it going forward. We thank you for your patience, and continue to encourage family members and loved ones to call us directly at 913.334.3666 if there is something you need or if there is some way we can be of assistance to you.

Today, we share our profound appreciation for all those individuals and groups who have prayed with, for and around us over the past several days. We have felt deeply your support and love, and have likewise been restored emotionally, physically and spiritually as a result of it. On behalf of our staff and our residents, we hope you will continue with the prayers and support – they mean the world to us all.

We thank you for your time today, and will look forward to updating you again tomorrow.

Cory Schulte                                                   Maureen Purvis, RN
Administrator                                                 Director of Nursing