Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

April 13, 2020


To the Community and Members of the Media:

Good afternoon and we welcome the start of a new week at Riverbend. In terms of today’s update, we have the following information to share:

  • We continue to see clinical improvements in our second-floor residents as has been described in previous updates, and are hopeful that all of those on the unit will be partially or completely through the recovery process by the end of this week. The clinical elements of the success we are seeing will be operationalized so that all affected residents have the benefit of the interventions proving effective.
  • Because we have been able to learn more about the cycle of the virus, we have been able to apply that knowledge to our treatment plans for our first-floor patients. As a result, we are seeing a lesser impact of the virus on these patients which we hope will translate into a more rapid recovery process.
  • In addition, we are seeing a return to Riverbend of those residents who were initially sent to the hospital after being identified as COVID-19 positive. These individuals have been stabilized and are appropriate for readmission here, and will continue their recovery and rehabilitation with us. We welcome them back, and look forward to being involved in their treatment going forward.
  • We reviewed last night’s article in the Kansas City Star, and note our disappointment in what appears to be a continued negative narrative regarding our Facility. We also wish to note that we will be reaching out directly to the family of the resident quoted in the article, and make ourselves available to answer any questions and address any concerns they may have.
  • Our special thank you today is directed at the anonymous donor of 100 customized cloth masks, which were recently received at the Facility. We are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness, and want you to know that our staff will wear these masks with gratitude for this kindness.

We thank you for your time today, and will look forward to updating you again tomorrow.

Cory Schulte                                                   Maureen Purvis, RN
Administrator                                                 Director of Nursing