Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

Update at Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation

April 11, 2020


To the Community and Members of the Media:

Today is a new day at Riverbend, and we are continuing to see improvement in our COVID-19 experience. It is with optimism and gratitude that we share the following update with you:

  • We are seeing more and more encouraging results with our COVID-19 positive residents. As referenced yesterday, the initial grouping of patients who tested positive for the virus are located on the second floor of the Facility. After consultation with our Medical Director, the residents’ attending physicians, and our resources at the Wyandotte County Department of Health, we initiated recovery-based interventions. We have continued these interventions since that time, and are carefully monitoring and evaluating resident response and progress to assess their effectiveness. At this time, we estimate that approximately 80% of these patients are responding well; they are eating, drinking and getting out of bed, and moving toward recovery status.
  • In light of the success we are seeing with our second-floor resident population, we are assessing and refining our approach to maximize the results with our first floor, newly diagnosed residents.
  • Our nursing staff is laser focused on the clinical management of our resident community, as a whole. They are working together daily, again with the support of our physicians, to wrap their arms around the cycle of the virus and develop new strategies to anticipate and interrupt its course. We are hoping to tip the scales in favor of proactive (rather than reactive) treatment going forward, and are excited about the anticipated impact on our outcomes.
  • We wish to express our thanks to “Operation BBQ Relief” and the generous donations made by Plow Boys to the cause, who have graciously offered to provide meals to our staff over the upcoming week. To say this is appreciated is an understatement – both the actual donation of food and the spirit and love behind it have resonated with our team, and remind us of the love that exists in this community. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

We wish you all an early Happy Easter, and will look forward to updating you again tomorrow.

Cory Schulte                                                   Maureen Purvis, RN
Administrator                                                 Director of Nursing